Newsletter Winter 2017


Summer has been and gone since the last Newsletter – although not sure how many of us saw much sun. However, many of our Members have attended various Shows, and it has been a chance to catch up. It has been good to receive your pictures and results so that they can be shared on our Facebook page. There has certainly been an increase in communications within the Society over the last twelve months and hopefully this is what has assisted the Breed in a high number of new Members received.

August saw the Society’s Annual Show and Sale take place and despite reduced entries in the catalogue what a cracker of a day it was with prices achieving heights not seen in recent years with a day of non stop, free flowing bidding many of whom were new Buyers, being a pleasure to see


The Society is marking it’s 60th year at the forthcoming AGM, which is when the celebrations will commence at the dinner whereby a special cake is being prepared. Members are also in the process of writing an updated book on the, history of the breed and we hope to launch this book at the 2018 Royal Welsh Show. We will keep you updated of any other events during the year.

The 2016 Ewe Registrations have now been completed and printed. These are available to purchase for £4. If you wish to purchase a copy then please send me payment and I will post a copy to you.


Don’t forget to ensure that you tick in the Flock Returns whether you wish to receive your correspondence by Email or post. There has been a significant increase in those wanting by Email, which saves substantial costs to the Society. For those of you who keep computerised records, I am happy to accept your Ram/Ewe registrations in a spreadsheet, as long as they show the required information, rather than you having to transfer it all to our forms.



Don’t forget that the Flock Visit and AGM will now take place on Saturday, 14th November 2017.

Please see the enclosed forms for further information in respect of the Flock Visit to the Glwydwern Flock No 152.

The AGM will take place early evening followed by the Society’s dinner. Again, please see attached forms on how to book and what is available.

We hope to see both old and new members.  


2018 Committee Meetings

17th January 2018

18th April 2018

20th June 2018

12th September 2018

2018 SHOW & SALE - 25th August 2018
2018 AGM - 10th November 2018

507   Drefach   Morys Ioan   Llandysul

508   Bwlch-y-Domen   Tahnee Canon   Newcastle Emlyn

509   Briarland   Ms J V Clarke   Chipping Norton

510   Cwm Cragen   Mr P Ambrose   Llandeilo

511   Hedge Rose   Miss S E Rose   Pumpsaint

512   Tanrhiw   Mr D Beckley   Cwrtnewydd

513   Mosslands   G Dunbar & S Scott   Moffat

514   Horn Hill   Mr J L & Mrs L A Bentley   Driffield

515   Nant Sara   Miss C A Evans   Newcastle Emlyn

516   Danethorpe   Ms L C Page   Newark

517   Y Glyn   Macy Hughes & Richard Hughes   Tenby

518   Shauns   Mr E & Mrs M Downs   Newcastle on Clun

519   Antares   Mrs D Brown   Beckford

520   Foldson   Mr L Robertson   Ystrad Meurig

521   Chwarel   Mr S Diffey   Llangollen

522   Dolaugwynion     Mr A G & Mrs D M Bookham   Llanwrda



29th September 2017   Ram Registration Closing Date

30th September 2017   Flockmaster and Whiteparish Entries Closing Date

1st October 2017   Society Membership Renewal

13th October 2017   Ewe Lamb Registration & Flock Return Closing Date

11th November 2017   AGM Annual Dinner and Flock Visit

Late November     East of England Winter Primestock Festival

27th – 28th November 2017   Royal Welsh Winter Fair


National Wool Week

The National Wool Museum in Drefach Felindre is hosting a Woolly Day on Wednesday October 18th from 10 am - 3 pm. There's plenty to see including: Bluestone Rarebreeds (sheep), various wool related stalls, rep from The Wool Marketing Board, natural dye workshop and our Llanwenog Sheep Society stand. Do come along to this free event.


There will be a 'The Woolly Roadshow UK Wool Week Tour' around Wales, Scotland and England to promote our native breeds.

The tour starts on Monday 9th October at Castle Square, Caernarfon before moving on to Glasgow, Norwich, Exeter, London and Bakewell.

 At each location they will have native local breeds of sheep on display alongside the roadshow. The aim is to promote British wool, British sheep and the RBST.

Our Member, Mike Parry-Jones of Byn-Moel Flock will have some of his Llanwenog Sheep on display in Carnarfon.   If you are in the area, please support him.


Currently when a Ram is registered a Certificate is produced and sent to the owner. This Certificate should then be passed on to any new future owners. We would be grateful if you could ensure that this is done. Due to the high number of requests for duplicate Ram Certificates, there will now be a fee of £1 payable to cover the cost.


To date we have not been producing Ewe Certificates. However, with the introduction of Grassroots and an increase in the requests for an Ewe Certificate, it has been decided that we will produce these at a cost of £1 each. No Certificate will be generated upon registration, and there is no requirement that all ewes should have one.


Support Group AGM and Flock Visit 15th July 2017

Our flock visit and AGM had been widely publicised so it was great to see a large group of Llanwenog breeders and potential Llanwenog breeders from both sides of the border gathered at Charles Horton’s farm on Saturday 15th July. There was a great deal of traffic but we knew it wasn’t all headed for the flock visit as there was another event happening close by – the Fairford Air Tattoo. After the business of the Support Group AGM had been dealt with we made our way to Charles’s neighbours, Howard and Anne Ford, where we enjoyed cake and coffee before Howard explained how his system works. He rents a lot of land that is not connected and can be quite far from home so in the last outbreak of Foot & Mouth his ewes were stuck and he was unable to bring them home to lamb. This set him to look into how he could create a system that involved ewes lambing outdoors wherever they were with minimum intervention. He starts with a primitive ewe such as Manx Loaghtan or Soay, puts that to a Wiltshire Horn, then puts the resulting ewes to an Easycare ram resulting in a fairly large ewe requiring little intervention from him. The final stage is to put these ewes to a number of rams including Llanwenog. He uses no concentrate, rarely has to assist any lambing ewes, and has few losses at lambing. His aim is for each of his 2500 ewes to have a single lamb outdoors and rear it to weaning. It works and he is very pleased with the lambs from the Llanwenog rams which he gets from Charles. We saw a variety of ewes at all stages of his system, as well as lambs, some were quite young as with that number of ewes he staggers his lambing. The small boy in all of us may have been distracted from the sheep as we were treated to a personal fly past by the Red Arrows as they flew over the farmhouse as part of their display at the nearby Air Tattoo.

After a delicious lunch of Nell flock lamb followed by equally delicious deserts we were given a tour of the Nell flock. As well as approximately 750 ewes Charles has a pedigree herd of Beef Shorthorn cattle and a sizable arable operation.

On the sheep side of the business Charles crosses his Llanwenog ewes with a variety of rams including Abermax, Berichon, Highlander and Blue Face Leicester. The resulting cross bred ewes are then put to Abermax rams giving a fast growing fat lamb ready in less than 16 weeks. He also breeds his own Llanwenog replacements.

It was very interesting to see two different systems using the Llanwenog in different ways, Howard starts with a primitive breed and after cross breeding, uses the Llanwenog ram to give a fat lamb for market; Charles starts with Llanwenog ewes and after cross breeding with commercial rams ends with fat lambs for market. Both are very successful commercial businesses and it was good to see the Llanwenog as the basis for both operations.

Our thanks to our hosts for the day Howard and Anne Ford, and Charles and Jemima Horton.



We would be grateful if all Members could please complete and return your Flock Returns this year. This is just as an important element of being a Member as paying your subscriptions! It allows us to ensure that we have the most up to date contact information for you. If you have any problems in completing them then please do not hesitate to contact myself or your local Area Rep.