Diadell Bryn Moel Flock 406

Bryn Moel Dispersal Sale   SOLD

10 breeding ewes of mixed ages. The Bryn Moel flock has been bred through three female lines, and the all time best ewe is available from each line, they are of course all animals that I never intended to sell and as such offer an opportunity to obtain the best of the Bryn-Moel flock breeding. I am not trying to get top-dollar but would like to see them go on to somebody who can appreciate their value from a breeding point of view.

Yearling and lamb ewes will also be available at the coming Society Show and Sale. Incidentally by way of a recommendation for the breeding ewes, Bryn-Moel ewes have fetched some of the highest prices at the last few show/sales.

If you are interested please contact Mike Parry-Jones on 01766 530874 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..