Stock For Sale


Please note that not all sheep are individually registered with the Society. If you are purchasing sheep with the intent of starting a new flock/adding to an existing flock and with a view to breeding and wanting to register future lambs then please ask the Vendor for proof that the sheep you are buying are registered.

All Ram’s are provided with a Ram Certificate upon registration.

Proof of registration of an Ewe /Ewe Lamb can either be by them showing you via Grassroots (an online software) or an entry in the Society’s annual Ewe Registration Book. Alternatively you can contact the local Area Representative and ask them to confirm.  If the Vendor states that they will register them on your behalf, please ask them for a copy of the information (i.e. dam and sire for each sheep you are buying) before you purchase the sheep.

The Society cannot guarantee that the sheep purchased will be eligible for registration if the above guidelines are not followed.