The Llanwenog Sheep Society exists to promote & market the breed by encouraging membership & developing the profitable sales of breeding stock.

The annual subscription is £20 payable by standing order on October 1st (pro rata rates apply for members joining during the year). Members are entitled to the following benefits:

  •  Voting rights at the AGM (proxy voting is available) & a copy of the constitution.
  •  Registration of a purebred flock for a one-off fee of £30. A minimum of two purebred ewes are required together with a registered ram (owned, hired or borrowed). A unique flock name & number are allocated & the fee includes an initial flock inspection if required to verify the origin & quality of the sheep.
  •  Livestock Registration Service. 

    Rams can be registered either by the breeder or subsequent owner as lambs, yearlings or two year olds for £20 each either between 1st & 7 th July (for entry into Official Breed Sale) or 1st & 7th September (for use for autumn breeding).Certificates are issued & rams registered are published in the flock book. The Society is progressively moving to a position where the dams as well as sires of registered rams must be registered themselves (any ram born from 2012 onwards must be out of a registered ewe to qualify).

    Registration of females which is voluntary can be done as ewe lambs (£1 per head) or as yearling ewes (£2 per head) with a minimum fee of £10. The closing date is October 22nd with late registration of ewe lambs costing £2 per head. An annual ewe lamb register is published copies of which are available on request.

  •  A copy of the Annual Flock Book which contains a wealth of information about the Society e.g. officials & committee members, area representatives, desirable breed type, rams registered & a complete list of Society members with their details. For this purpose members are required to make an annual flock return by October 22nd each year.
  •  Services of the Area Representatives who act as a local point of contact & are available to give help & advice particularly to new members.
  •  Assistance with the sale of purebred stock either at the Official Show & Sale (held on the fourth Saturday in August at Llanybydder) or by advertising on the website.
  •  Other benefits include regular newsletters, society competitions (lambing, flock, photographic & flockmaster competitions), flock visits & social events. During the AGM weekend held in early November a flock visit is always arranged as well as the annual dinner.
  • A wide range of information about the Society can be found on the website including many downloadable forms for registration, flock returns etc. which members are encouraged to use. Members are also encouraged to receive & send information by email wherever possible to help the Society contain ever increasing printing & postage costs. Further development of the website is taking place to assist with this & develop a central database of both members & their livestock.

    There is also a link to the website of the Regional Support Group for English breeders which assists them market their stock & arranges both spring & mid- summer flock visits.

    For further information please do not hesitate to contact the secretary or Society officials.