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Flock Visit & AGM at Bridgwater College 12th July 2014

Bridgwater SG AGM flock

How many of you know how many kg of lamb per acre you produce? Well fortunately the students at Bridgwater College have been doing all the measurements and have worked it all out for their flock of Llanwenogs and Texel crosses and the good news is that the Llanwenog is pretty good at the job of producing lamb with minimum input. We all knew that anyway but it’s great to have it confirmed with the stats to back it up. The students measured just about everything, even how much feed wasn’t eaten, and the figures show that the Llanwenog doesn’t require as much feed to produce comparable weight of lamb as the cross-bred flock. There is still some work to be done but the results we were shown at the AGM and flock visit on 12th July were certainly good reading. The two students who were awarded the Trevor Kelland memorial bursary have done great work on the Llanwenog project. Our thanks to Steve Jones the farm manager at the college for welcoming us with coffee and cake and giving us a tour of the flock and part of the dairy herd. The college farms 400 acres has 220 ewes (half Llanwenogs, half Texel crosses) 240 milkers with 200 followers and aims to have a beef herd soon. They were badly affected by the flooding earlier this year and lost most of the wheat crop. They have a number of research projects on-going including grass trials testing for various attributes including drought tolerance. They are doing some very interesting work with their dairy herd increasing productivity by cutting down on the number of replacement milkers needed each year and the time between lactations by balancing the ratio of protein to energy in the feed, basically not allowing them to get fat. Maybe we could all try that!

Bridgwater SG AGM ewe and lamb

We enjoyed a buffet lunch at a nearby farm shop and then got down to business with the AGM. Our thanks to Charles Horton who stepped down as Chairman but remains on the committee, he is replaced by Maurice Greenslade. Lynn Zorab was elected to the committee. These meetings may seem dry and boring to some but it’s a great opportunity to meet up with other Llanwenog breeders, compare notes and make new contacts. There are more and more flocks in England and the support group aims to be exactly that – a support for English breeders whether it’s help with finding suitable livestock or promoting the breed at shows and events. In order to do this effectively the group needs the support of the English breeders - £5 membership subscriptions now due, please send to the treasurer

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