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May 2011 Newsletter

Dear Member

We hope you have all had a successful lambing and the bitterness of the winter has not influenced your success rates too much. Following our long winter we hope the record breaking April has left you with renewed optimism. As secretary I have recently received several general e-mails from breed societies regarding security across the country, I am sure you have seen the press with details of a farmer who has dyed his sheep orange, which emphasises the seriousness of the problem. As the price of lamb increases so does the theft of lambs, so please be extra vigilant especially as we get closer to our market days.

LAMBING COMPETITION: As a reminder, the closing date for the lambing competition is 1st June, forms can be downloaded from the website, alternatively there is a copy of the form at the back of this newsletter (this can be photocopied). As with all types of competitions not only is it a bit of fun but details such as lambing percentages are valuable pieces of information for the society.


Yes the show season is just around the corner for a number of members. As Officials of the Society we wish to remind you of the show etiquette that we request you adhere to:

Please note the following guidelines:-

Dress Code while showing

  1. Please wear a white coat.
  2. Shirt/tie, dark/plain coloured trousers/skirt.
  3. Appropriate footwear (no flip flops)


  1. All sheep to have been clean shorn after the 1st January of the current year.
  2. Llanwenog are shown trimmed.
    1. No substances containing toxic chemicals or bloom or colour to have been applied.
    2. No animals should enter the show field if they have any contagious or infections i.e. eye infections/orf.
    3. White halter.
      1. Ensure you clear/pull off most of the straw from underneath belly/feet before entering the show ring.
      2. Baby oil may be applied to the face.

Feed requirements

Please ensure you have adequate supplies of straw, hay, feed, water buckets, hay nets/holder, hard food troughs etc.

Please can we ask you to pay specific attention to the no colour to be used, under no circumstances is the fleece to be artificially whitened nor the legs or face artificially coloured. As officials any such activity will be taken with a dim view and addressed promptly. We ask that should dying be suspected, as with any other such concerns, that it is reported to Llanwenog Show Officials immediately.


Please note that at this years Official Show & Sales there are to be a few changes, predominantly this encompasses entry fees rather than a levy of fees and there will no longer be a competition class for aged ewes. More details in the next newsletter.


As in previous years, once again we have published a list of last years show successes in the flock book. The 2011 show season is upon us and we ask you kindly to record the successes you have (forms on the internet or please contact me direct and we can either e-mail or post you one) to enable us to publish a comprehensive list in this years Flock Book. We very much hope that this will encourage members to continue to enter in Rare/Native & traditional breed classes across the UK.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mr & Mrs Gareth Evans, Parcyrhos Flock who won the Championship Rosette at the Royal Welsh Smallholders & Garden Festival Show last weekend. Further details of our members successes can be found on our website.

Ram Registrations

Just as a reminder there will be two dates for ram registrations. All males which will be sold in the Annual Show and Sales must be registered between the 1st and 7th July 2011. Males can also be registered between the 1st and 7th September. Please print off the forms from the internet, alternatively please let me know if you need paper copies by the end of May and we can send them out to you. Please note copies will be available on the Show stands at the The Royal Welsh. The registration fee is £20-00 per ram.

Please keep in mind the breed type. See below.

Type of Excellence



Fine and hornless.

Black and free from speckles.

A small tuft of wool on forehead. At times this tuft extends in a thin line to join neck wool immediately in front of ears, but a distinct break is preferable.

Excessive or dark wool on head.

Brown or white patches of hair on face.

Bad mouth with overshot or undershot jaw.

Definite horn on either sex

(scurf permissible).


Short and thin, set at elevated angle of about twenty (20) degrees.

Distance between ears comparatively narrow.

Very large and low set.


Compact with a fairly short neck, well sprung of ribs, strong loin and full thighs.

Poor size or weight for age ratio.

Weak behind the shoulder.

Males – uneven or very small testicles.


Black and free from speckles.

Poor feet and low pasterns.

Legs crooked or turned in or out.

Excessive wool on legs and white spots of hair.


Rather short, dense and of fine texture, free from kemp and black fibres (broglo).

Weight of fleece – two to two and a half kilos (2- 2½ kilos).

Loose or open fleece.

Black or brown wool on body.


Docked, in line with the minimum specified in current Animal welfare Regulations.

Docked too short.

Black wool in stump of tail.

WEBSITE: We are still trying to complete the members directory on the website, thank-you to everyone who has completed their details and returned the consent form. However to ensure we get as many people as possible please keep an eye out for the relevant question on this years membership renewals.

E- MAIL Addresses: We are very keen to go down the e-mail route. If you would like to receive your newsletters and general correspondence by e-mail please send your details to [email protected], not only will you receive all your news and updates 1st but it saves paper and postage costs.


The Society welcomes back a reinstated flock:

Flock 217 – Burfords. Mr Jonathan Crump, Orchard House.

The Society welcomes a new flock:

Flock 437 - Welham. Ms Linda Barnard, Hall Farm.

Flock prefix update: Please note the flock prefix for Flock 432 is ONNYVIEW.


Wednesday 1st June 201 - Closing date for the Lambing Competition.

Wednesday 8th June 2011 – NSA North Sheep – Hexham, Northumberland.

Tuesday 14th June 2011 - NSA South West Sheep – Paignton, Devon.

Sunday 18th June 2011 - The Three Counties Countryside Show, the Showground Malvern. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust will hold Llanwenog classes at the Show. For further details and schedules contact the Three Counties Agricultural Society on 01684 584900.

1st - 7th July 2011 – Ram Registrations.

9th July 2011 – English Support Group AGM & Summer Flock Visit, Mr Tomkins, Hallsford, Carlisle.

Monday 18th - Thursday 21st July 2011 - Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells. For Schedules contact The Show Office on 01982 554403.

Saturday 27th August 2011 -Annual Show and Sale at Llanybydder.

Wednesday 1st September 2010 – Closing date for the Flock Competition.

1st - 7th September 2011 – Ram Registrations.

Saturday 3rd September 2011 – Official Show and Sale at Worcester Cattle Market.

Saturday 5th November 2011.ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AND DINNER. This year we hope to have some exciting changes…. Watch this space….


The society wishes to thank Mr & Mrs Lawrence Jones for a wonderful day out and opportunity to see the flock at Blackhall Farm at the Spring Flock visit.


A sub committee to the working committee has been set up to look at ways of marketing the breed. A questionnaire has been completed by committee members, however we would welcome any input from any of our members, therefore if you would like a copy of the questionnaire produced by Sue Money-Kyrle, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Sue and we will send you one out.

Just as a reminder……..the photographic competition.

IN TWO CATEGORIES-SHOW TIME LLANWENOG: Llanwenog sheep in Show condition demonstrating the ideal breed qualities and LLANWENOG THROUGH THE SEASONS: Llanwenog sheep at any season of the year.

Photographs can be submitted by post or ideally by email as jpg, gif or bmp (a resolution of 300ppi gives optimum reproduction).

Please give details of the sheep and the owners flock. In entering, the photographer gives permission for the Society to use the photograph for Society publicity, calendar and web site. This we hope will provide publicity for your flock and refresh and increase the range of photographs to publicise the breed.




Secretary Emily Addis

Preswylfa, Dihewyd, Lampeter, Ceredigion. SA48 7PN

Tel: 01570 471777

E-Mail:  [email protected]

Website: www.llanwenog-sheep.co.uk

Closing Date 1st June 2011

Please return to the Secretary at the above address

Number of pure-bred Llanwenog ewes put to rams in 2010

Number of lambs reared

NOTE: - Lambs already sold qualify, providing proof can be produced such as Butcher’s/ Auctioneer’s pay slip.

Flock No: - ………………………………………………………………………………

Flock Prefix: - …………………………………………………………………………

Owner’s Signature: - ……………………………………………………………

Date: - ………………………………………………………………………………………

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