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Newsletter February 2016

Correspondence from Society
All members are now on either a postal or email mailing list and therefore I hope that you have all received the new Flock Book and if appropriate the 2013 and 2014 Ewe Lamb Registers by now.
We would like to wish Mr Elfyn Morgans of Glwydwern Flock all the best in his role as the new Chairman and thank Mr Pete Ebsworth for his work over the past two years.
Llanwenog Sheep Society 60 years
The Society will be celebrating 60 years in 2017. The Working Committee are looking into possibly updating the brown book that was produced at 40 years. If you have any literature or would like to write an article that you feel would be appropriate then please let me know.
Grassroots computerised system
In order to assist the Society to move forward and to keep more detailed records of your sheep and their breeding and whereabouts the Society have resolved to purchase the Grassroots system. I will keep you updated on progress however, in the meantime, while you possibly have your sheep inside, you may wish to consider making a list of the tag numbers of the actual Llanwenog sheep you have. This will enable us to produce an accurate 'flock' for you on the system. I am sure there will be teething problems in setting this up and therefore please bear with us!
Officials 2016
President - Mr David Henson, Bradden Flock
Vice-President - Mr Gareth Evans, Parcyrhos Flock
Chairman - Mr Elfyn Morgans, Glwydwern Flock
Vice-Chairman - Mr Ernie Lewis, Lonarth Flock
Treasurer - Mrs M A Williams, Iet Goch Flock
Promotion of the Llanwenog Sheep
As you are all probably aware, the Llanwenog sheep are in category 5 of the Rare Breeds list. As a Society we need to promote and advertise the breed at all opportunities in order to climb up this list and possibly out of the list altogether. If any members are Performance Recording their Llanwenog sheep, we would be grateful if you would be willing to let us have these figures/findings for promotional purposes. We can use the information without disclosing your contact details if you would prefer.
Important date for your diary
14th May 2016 Our President, Mr David Henson, is holding an open day. Further details to follow.
Ear tag year code
X is the year letter for 2016 crop of lambs.
Dates to remember

  • 21 & 22 May 2016 - Royal Welsh Spring Festival Show, Builth Wells
  • 1 June 2016 - Lambing Competition Closing Date
  • 31 June 2016 - Show and Sale Entries Closing Date
  • 1 - 7 July 2016 - Registrations of Rams for Show and Sale
  • 18-21 July 2016 - Royal Welsh Show, Builth Wells
  • 27 July 2016 - NSA Sheep at the Three Counties Show, Malvern
  • 27 August 2016 - Annual Show and Sale Llanybydder
  • 1 September 2016 - Flock Returns & Flock Competition Closing Date
  • 1 September 2016 - Working Committee Re-election Closing Date
  • 1 - 7 September 2016 - Ram Registrations
  • 9 & 10 September 2016 - Melton Mowbray Market National Show & Sale of Traditional and Native Breeds
  • 10 September 2016 - Photographic Competition Closing Date
  • 17 September 2016 - Flockmaster and Whiteparish Shield Competition Closing Date
  • 1 October 2016 - Membership Renewal
  • 22 October 2016 - Ewe Lamb Registrations Closing Date
  • 5 November 2016 - AGM, Annual Dinner and Flock Visit
  • 28 & 29 November 2016 - Royal Welsh Winter Fair, Builth Wells
Show and sale rules updated

  • All sheep can be sold one at a time, however, they can only be shown in pairs or 5s
  • Prizes will only be given to the top three
  • All sheep will be sold in catalogue order. Prize winners will no longer be moved.
  • If you sell in the top three in this year's Show and Sale then you will not be eligible to be in the top three the following year.
  • Best Turnout Pens would be for Ram, Pairs and Group of 5's - Rosette for each section. Overall Cup Best Turnout Pen.
  • A Young Handler's age is any child up to school year 6 i.e. not started secondary school yet.

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