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RWAS Winter Fair - 30 Nov/1 Dec 2015

Winter Fair reserve section champs

The first prize winners went forward to the Lowland Section championship and were judged reserve champions. This section included Lleyn, Ryeland, Dorset and Suffolk - so an impressive performance. Well done Arfon & Deio Williams on yet another excellent result at this prestigious event.

Class Results

1 Arfon & Deio Williams (Pentre)
2 Steffan Davies (Bryndolau)
3 John & Menir Green (Blaenplwyf)
4 Gareth & Wendy Evans (Parcyrhos)
5 John & Menir Green (Blaenflwyf)
6 David Henson (Bradden)


Shows in the South West of England

Agatha Jones, Okehampton

Agatha Jones - Okehampton

Once again the show season in the South West has featured Llanwenogs with some notable successes. Agatha Jones (Neadon Flock 448), on what was a very wet Sunday at the Totnes Show, had a 2nd in the ewe lamb & a 3rd in the shearling ewe classes in the Any Other Pure Breed section. On yet another wet day at the Okehampton Show she was again in the prizes in the Rare, Minority & Primitive Breeds section with 1st & 4th for old ewes, 3rd & 4th for shearling ewes, 4th for a ewe lamb & 2nd in the group of three. She certainly laid on a fine display of Llanwenogs!

The breed's well known "ease of handling" was amply demonstrated at the Okehampton & Chagford shows when Ella Jones entered the Young Handlers classes for the first time with a ewe from the Blackhall Flock (380). Although unplaced at both shows she handled the ewe well & was certainly pleased to get rosettes along with all the other youngsters.

Ella Jones - Okehampton

Ella Jones - Okehampton show

Ella Jones - Chagford

Young Handler Line up
Chagford show

The Blackhall Flock has again been successful in the Butchers Lambs classes with Llanwenog X Beltex lambs achieving 1st, 2nd & 3rd & the Hayes Cup at the Chulmleigh Sheep Fair, 3rd & 4th at Okehampton Show & 3rd at Chagford Show.


Monmouthshire Show - 27 August 2015

monmouth champ

Huw Jenkin's Champion
Gwynfaen Ewe lamb

monmouth reserve

Aled True with Reserve
Penycoed Senior Ewe

1st Penycoed
Penycoed Ruardean
Gwynfaen Gwynfaen
2nd Gwynfaen Gwynfaen Gwynfaen Penycoed Tallantire
3rd   Ruardean Tallantire   Penycoed Ruardean

Champion - Gwynfaen, Ewe Lamb

Reserve - Penycoed, Aged Ewe

Judge - Maggie Wilson, Pessall


Gorsgoch Show - 15 August 2015

1st Alltgoch Alltgoch Parcyrhos Gwynfaen
2nd Alltgoch Cletwr Gwynfaen Gwynfaen
3rd Gwynfaen Gwyfaen Cletwr Parcyrhos

Champion - Alltgoch, Ram

Judge - Pete Ebbsworth, Cae Main

Cwmsychpant - 8 August 2015

1st Parcyrhos Glwydwern Blaenplwyf Gwynfaen
2nd Glwydwern Blaenplwyf Gwynfaen Parcyrhos
3rd Gwynfaen   Parcyrhos Glwydwern

Champion - Parcyrhos, Ram

Judge - Keith Davies

Lampeter - 7 August 2015

1st Parcyrhos Cefn Ystrad Gwynfaen Gywnfaen Parcyrhos
2nd Penycoed Glwydwern Parcyrhos Parcyrhos Gwynfaen
3rd Glwydwern Penycoed Parcyrhos Gwynfaen Penycoed

Champion - Parcyrhos, Ram

Judge - Arfon Williams, Pentre

Caerwedros - 1 August 2015

1st Parcyrhos Cletwr Parcyrhos Gwynfaen Parcyrhos
2nd Cletwr Gwynfaen Parcyrhos Parcyrhos Gwynfaen
3rd Gwynfaen   Gwynfaen Penrherber Cletwr

Champion - Gwynfaen, Ewe lamb

Judge - Elfyn Morgans, Glwydwern

Cardigan - 30 July 2015

1st Gwynfaen Gwynfaen Blaenplwyf Gwynfaen Gwynfaen
2nd Gwynfaen Cefn Ystrad Gwynfaen Gwynfaen Blaenplwyf
3rd Blaenplwyf Cefn Ystrad   Blaenplwyf  

Champion - Blaenplwyf, Ewe

Judge - Ernie Lewis, Lonarth

Tivyside - 11 July 2015

1st Gwynfaen Gwynfaen Bryndolau Gwynfaen
2nd   Cefn Ystrad Penycoed  

Champion - Gwynfaen, Ewe Lamb

Judge - Richard Edwards, Glanrhyd


Royal Welsh - 21 July 2015

Royal Welsh Senior Rams

Senior Ram Class

1st Huw Evans
Gareth Lloyd
Gareth Evans
Arfon Williams
Huw Jenkins
Gareth Lloyd
2nd Gareth Evans Huw Evans Huw Jenkins Huw Evans Elfyn Morgans
Arfon Williams
3rd Huw Jenkins Arfon Williams Elfyn Morgans John Green
Gareth Evans
4th Elfyn Morgans Huw Evans Gareth Lloyd Huw Jenkins Pete Ebbsworth
Cae Main
5th Pete Ebbsworth Huw Jenkins Huw Evans Gareth Lloyd John Green
6th Huw Evans David Henson
David Henson Gareth Evans Arfon Williams

Male Champion - Huw Evans - senior ram

Female Champion - Huw Jenkins - ewe lamb

Overall Champion - Huw Evans

Judge - Mrs Margaret Brain, Whiteparish


Full results on the Royal Welsh website - see page 92-94


Royal Three Counties Show 2015

National Rare & Minority Breeds Show 14 June
Three Counties 15 - Jenkins Ewe Lamb with judge

Champion ewe lamb - Gwynfaen

Three Counties 15 - Jenkins Ewe Lamb

Hill & Heath Section Champion

A low number of sheep were entered at this year’s Rare Breed and Minority Show at the Three Counties but it was good to see quite a few support group members visiting or there with other livestock. Huw Jenkins brought some fine sheep and won every class. Results as follows:

1st Huw Jenkins, Gwynfaen Huw Jenkins Huw Jenkins Huw Jenkins Huw Jenkins
2nd   Alison Ayling, Clover Alison Ayling Alison Ayling  
3rd     Alison Ayling Alison Ayling  

CHAMPION – Gwynfaen Ewe Lamb

RESERVE - Gwynfaen Ram

JUDGE – Lawrence Jones, Blackhall

Three Counties 15 - Whiteparish cup

Huw Jenkins & Margaret Brain
Whiteparish cup

We were all delighted when Huw's ewe lamb went on to win Best in Group (Hill and Heath) earning a place in the interbreed line up.

There was further success in the fleece (Hill and Heath) class which was won by Jill Bennett with Alison Ayling 2nd.

Three Counties 15 - Show stand

Best breed stand!

This year we also entered the show stand for judging and were delighted to have it judged the best breed promotion stand. The judges were very enthusiastic about the way we are looking to the future of the breed and what the Llanwenog can do. It was a great result and encouraging to realise that we are on the right track with our breed promotion efforts. A number of people stopped to chat and it was amazing how many people knew people who have Llanwenogs. Our thanks to those who manned the stand throughout the day.


RWAS Spring Festival 2015

Parcyrhos Seniror Ram Champ 2015

Senior Ram Champion

There were five exhibitors competing in the Llanwenog classes at the RWAS Spring Festival on 17 May. The judge, Ernie Lewis (Lonarth Flock), awarded the championship to Gareth and Wendy Evans’ senior ram with Huw and Lynwen Jenkins’ senior ram in reserve.
The Society’s stand occupied a prominent position attracting a number of useful enquiries. Andrew Jones (Felindre) and Huw & Lynwen Jenkins (Gwynfaen) kindly loaned a ram and a ewe with twin lambs for display.


1st G,W&I Evans
DB Williams
G,W&I Evans J&M Green
2nd H&L Jenkins
H&L Jenkins J&M Green DB Williams
3rd J&M Green   H&L Jenkins G,W&I Evans
4th       DB Williams  
5th       J&M Green
6th       H&L Jenkins
7th       I&K Coldrick
(Nant Bach)

Overall Champion - Parcyrhos Senior Ram

Full results on the Royal Welsh website

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