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"NEW" Grassroots Check Mate Facility

The Grassroots online Registry launched a new feature this week which offers the ability to check for common ancestors in potential mattings.


Called ‘Check Mate’ it can be found in the Manage my Animals Menu (top right of the screen)

Select any male and one of your own females. Click on calculate and you will be offered the four generation pedigree of the prospective offspring with common ancestors highlighted. Common ancestors who appear in the first or second generation are in orange, in the third generation are yellow and the fourth are green.


The registry can still offer full kinship analysis, as they have always done on request, but Check Mate is a quick and easy way to check potential matings



English Support Group AGM & Flock Visit

The English Support Group are holding their AGM and Flock Visit on Sunday, 19th September 2021.  Please see official invitation below for further information.  

To book please complete this form

RSVP  10th September 2021



2021 Online Show Results

The Online Show took place this year again and we thank Mr Andrew Jones of the Felindre Flock for Judging.  Many thanks 

Class 1  -  Rams, 2 year and over

Class 2 -   Shearling Ram

Class 3  -  Ram Lamb

Class 4  -  Ewe

Class 5  -  Shearling Ewe

Class 6  -  Ewe Lamb

Class 7  -  Young Handlers 


Well done to all that took part and we look forward to seeing you in the Show Rings next year!

2021 Online Show

Following the success of last year's Online Show, the Working Committee have decided to hold one this year again.  



The Year Ahead!

2020 was certainly a challenging year for sheep breeders in the face of the many restrictions in place and so far, this year is proving to be no different. Show organisers are between a rock and a hard place, not knowing how much preparation to make for an event in the face of uncertainty about whether it can actually take place. Bookings for NSA and other trade shows can only be provisional and the many meetings, flock visits and social occasions held by breed societies have been put on hold, as has been the case with the Llanwenog Sheep Society.