Flock Competition Rules


    1. The registered flock must contain a minimum of 15 females and the flock’s owner must own a registered Llanwenog ram.
    2. The dividing line between large and small flocks is 55 sheep (not including rams).
    3. 20% of the total females must be ewe lambs. 

Winners 2022

Flock Competiton winners 2022 

Judge Ian Coldrick. 

Flock Competition Winners 2021

Thank you for the welcome that I received by all.

It was a pleasure to have visited the various flocks, the standard was high and consistant throughout. However, at the end of the day someone had to win and the top few in both categories had some exceptional quality flock.

Eurig Evans
Penrherber Flock



Flock Competition Winners 2019

Our Judge Mr Andrew Jones had strong entries to Judge in this year's Flock Competition.