Flock Competition Rules


    1. The registered flock must contain a minimum of 15 females and the flock’s owner must own a registered Llanwenog ram.
    2. The dividing line between large and small flocks is 55 sheep (not including rams).
    3. 20% of the total females must be ewe lambs. 
  1. Any defaulters from points 1 to 3 above will be disqualified from the competition and the member fined £20-00 and not allowed to compete in the Flock Competition in the following year. 
  2. There will be one judge who will judge for one year only and will do so in accordance with an approved marking system. 
  3. The entry fee is £5-00. 
  4. Rosettes for 1st to 3rd place in the Large and Small Sections and 1st to 3rd place for the Ewe Lambs. 
  5. The cups to be engraved with the name of the winner at the winner’s own expense, but the Society to pay for the band on the base.
  6. No other breeds or crosses to be mixed up with the Llanwenog Flock being judged and the ewe lambs to be in a separate block. 
  7. Members to realise that if they only want expert advice about their flock they should not enter the Flock Competition. Instead they should contact their area representative.
  8. The judge to be available after presentations of awards at the Annual Dinner to explain his markings to the competitors. Every competitor will be entitled to see his marks and compare them with the other markings, but the marks not to be available to non-competitors. 
  9. New members not to be eligible to compete in the first year of their membership. 
  10. Judging to take place in September or October. 
  11. Whenever possible the flock must be presented for judging in dry conditions. 
  12. Any flock receiving a mark of under 60% to miss a year before being eligible to compete again.

As a guide to members please find a copy of the marking system that the judge follows during judging. This marking system has been set by the Society.

 TypeConfirmationWoolUniformityManagementManagement & SustainabilityTotal
Ewes 36 32 10 12 15   105
Ewe Lambs 25 20 7 8 10   70
Rams 26 26 8     15 75