Flock Profiles

Newgate - Flock 99

Philip and Hilary Thornely are an academic couple and it goes without saying that they apply academic principles to their sheep keeping. Meticulous records have been kept for the past 30+ years allowing them to breed for desirable traits of prolificacy, worm resistance, comparision of different terminal sires and the performance of the Llanwenog vs the Lleyn.

Charndon - Flock 70

Philip Hodges has been breeding, actively promoting and showing Llanwenogs since the 70s with considerable success. He is an avid supporter of traditional breeds and a well respected judge making him much in demand up and down the country in the show rings. A visit to the award winning Charndon flock is a treat not to be missed.

Treberfedd - Flock 384

Jack Cockburn is one of our more entrepreneurial members. Llanwenogs and Traditional Herefords are farmed organically with state of the art livestock units. The traditional farm buildings are all converted providing a Training Venue and Holiday Cottages. The latest development are the award winning Hobbit houses. What next?

St Fagans.Sain Ffagan Flock 347

The Welsh Museum of History have a resident flock of Llanwenog to add authenticity to the demonstration of traditional rural life.

Hallsford - Flock 274

The Tomkins farm in a remote part of Cumbria and run a thriving catering business providing home reared beef, lamb and pork. Their liveried vehicle can be seen at local Farmers Markets and produce is also sold at a nearby Farm shop. Llanwenogs are crossed with Charollais and bred pure.

Burfords - Flock 217

Jonathan Crump is renown in the area for his fine Gloucester cheese. He farms in a beautiful valley high above Stroud and together with his Gloucester cattle, he runs a mixed flock of rare breed sheep, including the Llanwenog.

Glebe Farm - Flock 246

Glebe Farm boasts a thriving farm shop and local meat delivery business on the Fosse Way, Warkwickshire. This is testament to the hard work of Christine Coe. She claims that Llanwenog is the ideal breed for this enterprise - requiring little husbandry, providing great meat and coping with the demands of the

Glwydwern - Flock 152

Llanwenogs have been at the Morgans family farm for generations. Elfyn's flock regularly wins the top prizes at local shows as well as the prestigious Royal Welsh. The Llanwenogs have to earn their keep and they run alongside the farm commercial flock of pedigree Speckle Faced Ewes on the hills high above Lampeter.

Cwm March - Flock 249

Alun and Rebecca Evans' farm overlooks the Preseli Mountains and Cardigan bay in Ceredigion. They run a small pure bred flock and have links with the Llanwenog going back to the establishment of the breed. Alun has a passion for historic farm machinery and the farm houses the local museum's collection of vintage farm equipment.

Cae Main - Flock 354

The Ebbsworth Family run a small pure bred flock of quality and inspite of busy working lives, they can be seen regularly in the show rings around Ceredigion and at the Royal Welsh show.

Bridgwater College - Flock 450

The Bridgwater Llanwenog flock at Cannington College, Somerset was established to compare the performance of a Native breed against the College's existing commercial flock (Texel Crosses). This provides an additional teaching project for Agricultural students and a valuable set of independent performance statistics for the Society. We look forward to the results in due course.

Blackhall - Flock 380

Lawrence Jones' flock is on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. It is a commercial flock and Lawrence crosses the Llanwenog with Beltex to produce supermarket export grade carcasses and regularly wins Butchers' lambs classes at his local shows.